Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello all crickets!!!

Get it? You know that sound when you say something in then in your mind you hear nothing but crickets ? :) Well, this is like my what 4th post? In my defense , I have been focusing on family "stuff". You know , the word "stuff" encompasses a lot of things doesn't it? I've really worked on some neat projects, but can I find my cable to upload my pics from my camera??? That would be a big fat NO! I am going to do better, keep searching and hopefully show some of them soon. I've really been focused on frugal diva living and have reframed it as a challenge / scavenger hunt to look for the best deals. Hope everything is well with you, may God continue to hold you and carry you close. Hugs- Angela


  1. Hi Angela, first off...your blog name, Love it!
    Linen and laughter such a great title!
    Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog, and I want to return the favor by following you, xxx tami

  2. {chirp. chirp}
    I'm with your blog name, too! Just wanted to thank you for taking time to leave such a sweet comment on my blog today. Made me smile!