Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ok.. I must not be doing something right....

Hi sweetpeas! Ok, I must not be doing something right, I have tried like 1000 times to upload pics to show some crafts, etc..causing me to say wonderfully entertaining words  .. :)  keep getting error messages...stupid computer...can't live with or without them.  So, I'm going back today and try again.I hope everyone has a super Labor Day.  We will be doing some cooking, swimming and chillin'. Pretty much being lazy but isn't that what we all need at times?Big Hugs and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Cat" astrophe...

Hello sunshines! Well, let me tell ya'll what happened this morning. We have to leave by 7:40 am each morning to get my son to high school. Earlier and he would be there to early and that is so not cool...later, and I run the possibility of r'cving a speeding ticket. :) Anywhoo..I heard this commotion in the laundry room. Well, very long story short, the cat had jumped up on the hot water heater and fell behind it, she is too fat to get through the bars. We ended up having to stick a broom in the hole to give her a push up and Jackson (son) tried to help from the We were laughing so hard...great memory created. Oh and another thing, I am going to by an external hard drive b/c hellooooo, did my computer crash and I lost so many pics, etc..:( I am using my other laptop so I'm about to see what pics are on here to upload. Have a wonderful day ...Big hugs! Angela
"Live your life as if you could sell your parrot to the town's gossip"- Will Rogers

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Crickets grew weary.....:)

Hello sunshines!!!!! Oh my goodness!! I truly can not believe how long it has been since I have logged on that the crickets got tired of chirping waiting for me to come back.LOL. I didn't figure anyone would find their way to my blog but I actually had comments! Thank you so very much! It made my day.Well, I have re-committed to blogging and posting comments , pictures and for us to have fun. My camera is now fixed and I have been doing some fun small stuff around the house and will post pics soon. I am totally inspired by all of the wonderful women that have such creativity, ideas etc that I would be honored to get opinions on things to do around my cozy home. I will post some pics and get ya'lls thoughts and just have fun together. I hope that everyone has a superb day and can't wait for us to get together soon. Ya'll take care and big hugs!
P.S.....Question  for the day. Do you think that it is"wrong" or "incredibly innovative"to be eating chocolate while walking on a treadmill?
P.P.S......The chocolate was delicious :)