Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Crickets grew weary.....:)

Hello sunshines!!!!! Oh my goodness!! I truly can not believe how long it has been since I have logged on that the crickets got tired of chirping waiting for me to come back.LOL. I didn't figure anyone would find their way to my blog but I actually had comments! Thank you so very much! It made my day.Well, I have re-committed to blogging and posting comments , pictures and for us to have fun. My camera is now fixed and I have been doing some fun small stuff around the house and will post pics soon. I am totally inspired by all of the wonderful women that have such creativity, ideas etc that I would be honored to get opinions on things to do around my cozy home. I will post some pics and get ya'lls thoughts and just have fun together. I hope that everyone has a superb day and can't wait for us to get together soon. Ya'll take care and big hugs!
P.S.....Question  for the day. Do you think that it is"wrong" or "incredibly innovative"to be eating chocolate while walking on a treadmill?
P.P.S......The chocolate was delicious :)

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  1. Ha! Burn as you go, right? I just polished off a Hershey's with Almonds whilst sitting on my tush so you're good. I just wanted to thank you for such an uplifting note on my hallway post, Angela! Have a lovely weekend!