Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ok.. I must not be doing something right....

Hi sweetpeas! Ok, I must not be doing something right, I have tried like 1000 times to upload pics to show some crafts, etc..causing me to say wonderfully entertaining words  .. :)  keep getting error messages...stupid computer...can't live with or without them.  So, I'm going back today and try again.I hope everyone has a super Labor Day.  We will be doing some cooking, swimming and chillin'. Pretty much being lazy but isn't that what we all need at times?Big Hugs and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Angela! I am came on here to try and respond to the question you posted on my blog because I couldn't respond to the email address you used. We just moved so I am assuming you were asking about the color on my living room walls in my old house. Since we moved I don't have access to the color anymore but if you want I can do some research and get back with you. I know its a Behr color. If you are interested let me know and I can track it down for you.